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Coaching Business Accelerator Masterclass

This is the course on learning how to become a client magnet

Course Summary

Are you ready to take your coaching business to majestic heights of success? Our "Coaching Business Accelerator" is designed to empower you with unique insights and skills that will set you apart in the coaching industry.

Transform your coaching practice into a thriving empire with our Coaching Business Accelerator. Gain expertise in shadow behaviors, intuitive branding, and mastering sales to unlock your true potential and achieve unparalleled success.

🌟 Shadow Behaviors in Business: Gain a deep understanding of hidden patterns and behaviors that impact your coaching business. Learn to identify and transform these shadows into powerful catalysts for growth.
 πŸŒŸ Intuitive Branding & Marketing: Unleash the potential of your coaching brand with intuitive strategies that resonate authentically with your audience. Elevate your online presence and connect with your ideal clients organically.  

🌟 Mastering Intuitive Sales: Discover the art of selling from a place of authenticity and intuition. Hone your sales skills to effortlessly convert leads into loyal clients and boost your revenue.  

Alpa Kapadia Teli

Hello, I am Alpa. I am a professionally Certified Leadership & Life Coach, Trainer and a Motivational Speaker. I have been in the field of inner transformation for the last 20 years. This is my company, Ignite The Spark. But before everything else I am someone who is driven by an intense passion and purpose, to help you create your legacy in the process become the best version of yourself.
I guide you – visionary leaders and coaches, to deepen your leadership mastery so that you can have exponential impact in your arena. I do this by helping you reconnect with your innate power, and demolishing your self-limiting beliefs. I create a Unique Inner Transformation Journey for you to go from where you are to where you want to be through one on one coaching, my signature workshops and customized sessions with my team of empaneled experts.

You are such a powerful creator. You know that you are the creator of your own life – can you imagine how magnificent it would be to consciously create a life that you deeply desire?

It is my life’s work and I am so grateful to do this every day!

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Course Curriculum

AGM – Human Resources, Multi National Company​​​​

The Coaching session I had with Alpa was a wonderful experience. The session was nothing like I have done before, it was unique. I felt completely at ease and comfortable being my real self. The breathing exercise to bring focus and guiding me to reflect from deep within me made a difference. The tools and techniques she used to understand my beliefs, motivations and purpose in life and happiness quotient on eight quadrants helped bring clarity not only to my specific challenge that I am facing but a larger reflection of myself. I loved the visualization of me in the to be state and when we closed our session, I felt more light and confident of being able to overcome my challenge.

Executive - Mahindra Finance 

I have been having coaching sessions with Alpa for the past 6 months. She is a certified professional with excellent coaching skills. Each session with her is always exciting. Her positive approach encourages me to work harder towards my desired goals. As a coach and mentor she guides me to make whatever decisions I want to make. Her analytical skills are outstanding with which she helped me understand the critical issues and asked me the right questions at the appropriate time, so as to enable me to take my own decisions and act. A very warm and charming person, she has encouraged me and been a strong support as a coach in this entire journey of mentoring and coaching. 

Anchor & Producer, Times Influence (ET Now, Times Now, Mirror)

Coaching with Alpa has been life changing for me. Our sessions together have greatly helped me discover myself, uncover layers at different levels and especially help heal issues that I wasn’t even aware of. The high point of our sessions was when we would be discussing the aspect of my life that we were working on in that session, and we would uncover an issue or an aspect that I was not even aware of. You would then smoothly continue the session and guide me through a specific activity that helped me put that issue to rest. – The ease with which you were able to handle all the issues that came up, totally floored me! Making me an equal partner in my growth, helped me build trust and take responsibility. You knew exactly where to push me that little bit more and when to let me be. I am extremely pleased with the results and I wish you all the best in helping people uncover their best potential 

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